Obama Caught on Tape Arguing for Infanticide

This is disgusting. We have known this speech was out there… now somebody released the tape.

First the background: In Ill. there was a loophole in the law that said if children where accidentally born alive during an abortion, they could be refused medical attention and left to die by the abortionist. There was a very compelling case where a baby was left in a broom closet to die and it took 45 minutes. (I linked it 2 posts below)

I DON’T CARE where you stand on abortion. This is murder. This is infanticide.

There was a bill in the Ill lege to close this loophole. Only one senator stood up for killing a child by withholding medical attention.

His name was Barack Obama.

And what Reasoning did Obama use to argue in favor of killing babies? That calling another doctor in to treat the baby might hurt the abortionist feelings.


(stupid freaking wordpress, can’t embed a simple video… sigh go watch it here and come back. Obama infanticide)

So I ask you Dear Reader… Can you ~really~ vote for a guy who argued in favor of killing babies who where born alive?

UPDATE: Here’s a video giving the backstory.


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