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Surprise! Obama is a Train Wreck.

I love all the wringing of hands from the liberals and the whispers that  –you know —   Obama might not be mentally up to the challenge of being Prez. Well Duh.

Anyone who looked past his skin color realized he had no experience and was woefully unprepaired for the job.

Will he be worse than Cater? Dunno. He has the potential.

It comes down to this… and remember this because 10 years from now you’ll look back at this and realize I was right…

It depends on which Obama governs. If pragmatic Obama governs we have a chance. If he wakes the hell up and realizes his plans (at minimum) need to be phased in to not kill the economy, he might get half of his socialist agenda through and not kill us… at least not right away.

But if (Lord help us) Obama the ideologue governs… he will make Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan.  If he tries to cram full fledged socialism down our throats with no input from reality, he will either fail spectacually to get his adgena passed or sink the whole country.

Carter was too dim witted to realize the error of his ways. Obama (while is is dumb) is smarter than that. Will he comprimize his radical adgenda for the good of the county? Dunno, but if he doesn’t forget buying gold, you’ll need your saving in lead. Things will get real, real ugly.


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Can Someone Call My Mortage Company For Me?

I’m hoping one of you out there can call my mortage company and talk some sense into them. I called them this morning but got nowhere.

So you have the background, here is the transcript of the phone call. Bold is them, plain text is me.

Hello, ABC Mortgage.

Good Morning. Hope. Change.

Um… may I help you?

Yes, I’d like to close out my mortgage please.

OK, May I have your account number?

Sure 2022253121.

OK I have your account right here… How would you be paying off the balance?

What do you mean ‘paying of the balance?’

Sir, you have a balance of $123,456.78

There must be some mistake. Hope. Change.

There is no mistake sir, if you want to close out your mortgage you need to pay off the balance of $123,456.78.

But I voted or Obama and he won.

um… uh… well… sir I understand that but you still owe the balance of your mortgage.

Hope. Change.

Excuse me?

Hope. Change.

I’m not sure what that means.

It means hope, change, we voted for hope and change. Now I’d like to close out my mortgage.

Sir… maybe you don’t understand it doesn’t work that way.

But I voted for Obama, don’t you understand?

I understand that sir, but when you bought your house you signed a contract saying you would pay off the money we lent you. You can’t close out your mortgage until the balance is paid.


I’m sorry sir.


No sir.

What state are you in?

Excuse me?

What state am I calling, what state is your company in?

We’re in South Carolina sir.

Is that a Red State or a Blue State?

That’s a Red State sir.

Oh, That explains it… YOU NAZI.




You can see they problem. They don’t understand what Hope and Change means. It does mean something… right?

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Is the World THAT Stupid?

What a great opening post huh? But it’s true…

This freakish Cult of Obama is disturbing on several levels.

That so many otherwise intelligent people drool over this guy and talk about his being some post partisan healer is simply amazing. What do we know about the guy??? I mean what do we really know about the guy…

Surprisingly little. The media refuses to vett him like they would any other candidate… Hell, they ripped into “Joe the Plumber’s” background more than Obama’s. – But back to the question, what do we know about him? Here’s what we know:

  • Obama spent 20 years of his life listening to radical anti-American racist sermons… From a preacher who he was so close to, he married the couple and baptized their kids…
  • Obama launched his political career in the living room of an unrepentant anti-American terrorist. And continued to work with him for decades.
  • Obama is so radical on abortion he argued in favor of killing babies after they where born.
  • Obama originally ran for office in a (basically) socialist party.
  • Obama has the most hard core left wing voting record of anyone in the Senate.
  • Other than his campaign speeches we have no record of him ever taking a moderate position on anything.

Any fair examination of Obama’s past shows him to be a radical. Yet the people buy the slop that he’s this wonderful post-partisan post-racial healer…

Got news for you people… You’re idiots.

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