Obama Caught on Tape Arguing for Infanticide

This is disgusting. We have known this speech was out there… now somebody released the tape.

First the background: In Ill. there was a loophole in the law that said if children where accidentally born alive during an abortion, they could be refused medical attention and left to die by the abortionist. There was a very compelling case where a baby was left in a broom closet to die and it took 45 minutes. (I linked it 2 posts below)

I DON’T CARE where you stand on abortion. This is murder. This is infanticide.

There was a bill in the Ill lege to close this loophole. Only one senator stood up for killing a child by withholding medical attention.

His name was Barack Obama.

And what Reasoning did Obama use to argue in favor of killing babies? That calling another doctor in to treat the baby might hurt the abortionist feelings.


(stupid freaking wordpress, can’t embed a simple video… sigh go watch it here and come back. Obama infanticide)

So I ask you Dear Reader… Can you ~really~ vote for a guy who argued in favor of killing babies who where born alive?

UPDATE: Here’s a video giving the backstory.


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I need a break

No, not from blogging, I just started, I need a break from life. I need a vacation. I need go to a Bonaire Resort and get away from it all..

Update: I see they have some nice Bonaire Vacation Packages. I could go for one of them. I haven’t been diving in years.

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Is the World THAT Stupid?

What a great opening post huh? But it’s true…

This freakish Cult of Obama is disturbing on several levels.

That so many otherwise intelligent people drool over this guy and talk about his being some post partisan healer is simply amazing. What do we know about the guy??? I mean what do we really know about the guy…

Surprisingly little. The media refuses to vett him like they would any other candidate… Hell, they ripped into “Joe the Plumber’s” background more than Obama’s. – But back to the question, what do we know about him? Here’s what we know:

  • Obama spent 20 years of his life listening to radical anti-American racist sermons… From a preacher who he was so close to, he married the couple and baptized their kids…
  • Obama launched his political career in the living room of an unrepentant anti-American terrorist. And continued to work with him for decades.
  • Obama is so radical on abortion he argued in favor of killing babies after they where born.
  • Obama originally ran for office in a (basically) socialist party.
  • Obama has the most hard core left wing voting record of anyone in the Senate.
  • Other than his campaign speeches we have no record of him ever taking a moderate position on anything.

Any fair examination of Obama’s past shows him to be a radical. Yet the people buy the slop that he’s this wonderful post-partisan post-racial healer…

Got news for you people… You’re idiots.

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